Sewing Fashion Revolution

Heute in einem Monat ist der Zusammenbruch von Rana Plaza ein Jahr her. Die internationale Kampagne des Fashion Revolution Day schwappt auch grad durch die DIY-Bloggerszene. Schön zusammengefasst hat es Laura von Behind the Hedgerow:

Fashion Revolution – a global campaign to increase standards and awareness within the fashion industry – is hosting the first Fashion Revolution Day to mark this anniversary on 24th April 2014. In order to help re-establish the relationships and transparency within the fashion industry people are encouraged to wear an item of clothing inside out and ask brands/retailers, ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’ The voicing of these questions, on a global scale, will raise awareness and encourage the fashion industry to continue the process of change. In short – be curious, find out, do something about it.

Using Fashion Revolution’s theme of “Who Made Your Clothes?” as a starting point, Abby (Things for Boys), Celina (Petit a Petit and Family) and I want to get the online sewing community involved with this initiative by creating the first


of sewists wearing something handmade inside out. The goal is for all of us to stand together for a united cause and help to show sewing (in all its forms) as an ethical and sustainable alternative to fast fashion and mass consumerism. It’s one piece in a very large puzzle but by showcasing home sewn items we will help spread the word that in some cases the answer to ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’ can proudly be answered, “ME!”

How to get involved

  • Photograph yourself wearing something handmade inside out on 24th April 2014. If you’re camera-shy feel free to photograph something on a hanger – or even get the kids involved…the message is still the same.
  • Share! If you have a blog, blog about it! If not, no problem – share on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with hashtags #insideout and #handmadeinsideout.


Weitere Infos, wie man sich bei dem Mob anmelden kann, auf ihrem Blog.


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